The staff of the H3B logistics sector provides organization of the movement of waste through the use of the most suitable carrier for authorization, type of vehicle and load mode, so the customer will be free from any inconvenience regarding the transport of waste already from the compilation of forms (SISTRI forms and formulary).

Among the related services:

  •   ADR CONSULTING: The staff qualified in ADR consulting will update you regarding regulations concerning hazardous waste transport, identifying the particularities applicable to you and providing complete them;
  •   LOAD SPECIAL WASTE: In case of need, or for small establishments lacking the necessary equipment essential to the loading of waste into a transport vehicle, H3B provides on request the service of loading products through its own equipments such as spiders, forklifts or trucks tail lift;
  •   CLEANING: With the help of the best companies in the sector, we work with vehicles specially equipped for the loading of waste, providing suction and cleaning of your tanks;
  •   RENT: The specialized technical staff recommends, delivers, performs maintenance and guarantees the withdrawal of containers for the collection of waste directly at your company. We propose different solutions based on the analysis of the customer’s specific needs, from skip loader, the open-air container, until the press-containers;