H3B acts as a middleman for the disposal and the recycling of industrial waste, which is the perfect meeting point between companies and their production cycles and disposal facilities with their authorizations and requirements attached to the recovery / disposal systems. Over the last few years H3B has also entered successfully in the field of chemical and pharmaceutical industry with a commercial role for the recovery and the restoration of exhausted solvents, dealing with all phases of the product life cycle.

The technicians charged in H3B are visiting customers to sample the waste solvents, which are subsequently characterized in affiliated laboratories. The results of these analyzes allow us to identify in detail the composition so as to find out the correct improvement processes.
The phase that follows is the distillation in pilot plants. Through many tests it is possible to create samples of regenerated ad hoc according to the different requirements in order to obtain highly qualitative distillates.
This make it possible to propose parallel purchasing prices of raw materials in the market, that will obviously allow a saving over buying the same product.

H3B entrusts the transport of raw and regenerated materials by authorized companies, which with their large fleet ensures continuity with their services, always available even in case of emergency.
With their trucks, whose reclamation is always certified, may ensure that solvents are in no way contaminated from external element, so nothing can contaminate the quality of the products we supply.

H3B offers various types of regenrated solvents with its chemical analysis and safety data sheets.
Our flagship product, ready for delivery to customers in need are:

  •   Acetone;
  •   Ethyl acetate;
  •   Methyl acetate;
  •   Butanol;
  •   Methylene Chloride;
  •   Hexane;
  •   Ethanol;
  •   Methanol;
  •   Thinner with different KF (for paints, varnishes and prints);
  •   Toluene;
  •   Xylene.

We have also numerous mixtures studied for the specific production needs of different companies we serve.


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