H3B is able to provide an all-round service to its customers by providing a specialized and constantly updated team to provide the best solutions through the following services:

  •   LEGAL CONSULTING: The companies know well the pitfalls of changing laws on which the universe of wastes is based, because of that our staff is always at complet disposal for solving any doubts by finding the appropriate solution to your problems, always in full compliance with law regulations.
  •   FILLING OUT DOCUMENTATION: H3B provides all the details to fill out the waste travel documents, checking permissions, fill out forms, provides facsimiles of forms and prepares the shipping documents;
  •   KEEPING REGISTER OF LOADING AND UNLOADING: The H3B staff provide and endorse the loading and unloading register of wastes, furthermore thanks to decade of experience, updates daily the registers of loading and unloading waste of producers who prefer accuracy and completeness;
  •   MUD: The Annual Model of Environmental Declaration Act will be completed by us and recorded electronically, care and precision are our mottos;
  •   CHEMICAL ANALYSIS: in our company we can count on the preparation of chemist expert who will carry out withdrawals of samples directly at your company, leaving you the opinion, viewing the SDS, and deciding about parameters for the conduct of analysis necessary for the delivery of waste;
  •   DEFINITION CER: An analysis of your waste, we evaluate the most appropriate code of the European Waste Identification, attributing the correct hazard classes, disposal conditions and transport conditions, which are necessary for its proper management;
  •   STORAGE: H3B provides on demand storage systems at companies, providing timely specific containers, as tanks, big bags, tanks, drums or pallets always ready for delivery.


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